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St Augustine’s PTA Needs You! 


School funding and falling budgets are hot topics at the moment but you may not be aware of how these have affected your child’s school. Sadly, more and more schools are relying on the fundraising efforts from their PTA (Parent Teacher Association) or Friends of… Group to support these financial shortfalls. Did you know that last academic year, our PTA raised just over £7,000.00 through fundraising which paid for classroom essentials, prizes for class achievements, money towards transport for school trips, Year 6 

leavers’  books, new books for the libraries and loads more


The good news is, everything your PTA raises goes directly to providing for the children in your school, and, in consultation with staff, parents have a say on where and how the money is spent. PTA members also provide a willing workforce for the school when extra hands are needed, hold social events to bond the school community, run extra­curricular clubs for children and support parents through times of change.


As a parent or carer of a child at St Augustine’s you’re already a member of our PTA;­ you don’t need to apply but we are asking you to get involved.


Practical help is often needed, and your skills, or even just your presence, are very much appreciated. Not only can you make a real difference but a child’s extended family (aunties, uncles, grandparents) can also get involved. Children love seeing their families in school and we strongly believe that school and families working in partnership is the most positive way to raise money and secure the best educational experiences for our children. You can benefit them, improve their educational environment and make friends too. The varied work means there's something for everyone ­ it's not just about being on the committee. More families involved with their PTA means more money raised through more fun events, benefitting everyone.


There has never been a  better or more important time to support your PTA.  Here are just a few examples of how our parents get involved:

• Help out at the PTA events (such as film or quiz nights, bingo, fayres, school disco)

• Share their skills and interests – eg. creativity/photography/sports/dance;

• Support children with reading and help in the classrooms;

• Accompany children on school trips;

• Work on ad hoc projects like garden work, maintenance, scooter rack installation, etc…


So, when you see a request for a pound in exchange for this or that or your being asked to help run an event; it’s not because we have nothing better to do… we are largely made up of a team of working parents just like you, wanting to positively contribute in some way to our children’s educational experience. 


Be certain that  your help will be greatly appreciated and will make a big difference. If you would like to chat about how you can volunteer for your PTA and be a force for good in St Augustine’s, however much or little time you can spare – please get in touch with us on or get in touch via our Parents and Carers facebook page, search: St Augustine's School ­ Parent & Carer Page.

Kind regards, St Augustine’s PTA.

Please read the below letter regarding Match Funding and consider approaching your employer on our behalf. Thank you in advance.

PTA Committee (2022-2023)


Chair - Alaitz Aldecoa de Elkins 

Vice Chair -  Olivia Stewart

Treasurers -  Jamilli Mattede and Hettie Gava

 Secretaries - Nicola Martin and Erica Graffin

Second Hand Uniform - Xandra Logan

School Representative - Julie Davoren



The PTA put a great deal of time and effort into all they do for the school (for which we are extremely grateful), current members stress that they also gain a great deal of satisfaction from working together as a team. It is a wonderful way to meet other parents and make new friends!


If you are interested in joining the PTA or would like to get in touch with our current Chairs of the PTA please email:





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