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Year one studying plants

Science week

Dissecting a flower

What is an invertebrate?

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RSPB bird watch

Testing materials

The Great Science Draw: a chance for children and families to share what they know about plants.

What a wonderful time our Year 5 and 6 had at @stgregoryscs for #Science investigating. @STEMLearningUK #stem #STEM

British Science Week 2023

To kick off British Science Week at St Augustine’s, all classes had a competition to see how far children could stretch a Curly Wurly in 3 minutes. There were many different approaches: many children decided to warm up the toffee treat in their hands or put on the radiator to encourage it to stretch because warm molecules have more energy and the bonds between them are looser.


KS1 and EYFS took part in the KCSP Online Science Day activity, which was nest-building. The nests needed to protect the eggs while standing up to environmental conditions, such as wind. They also had to allow water to pass through so they did not become water-logged while being comfortable for birds incubating the eggs until they hatched.

We have been awarded the prestigious Primary Science Quality Mark, celebrating our commitment to excellent science teaching and learning.

The PSQM is a one-year school improvement programme for primary science, which provides professional development to enable confident, knowledgeable, reflective leadership. This results in an improvement in the way in which science is planned and taught across the whole school.

St Augustine's Science Photo Competition

Our theme this year was 'Patterns in Nature' and our competition entries ranged from ice crystal formations to the markings on animals. The competition winners were EYFS: Phoenix, St Francis; KS1: Kamil, St Lucy; LKS2: Marisa, St Peter; UKS2: Nina, St Mark.

Ks1 Science

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Investigating growing our own trees. We collected acorns from the Oak tree, we will. Observe the seeds over time to see how they grow. Some children thought it would take a week, some a season and some a million years! Let’s see!

St Augustine's Science Vision and Principles

Science Long Term Plan Cycle A 2023-2024

Living Wage