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We are a Catholic school with Catholic Faith at the centre of our lives. We recognise
and value every individual as special and unique in the image and likeness of God.
Religious Education at St. Augustine’s respects and promotes each child’s innate
capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and spirituality. Our Religious Education curriculum
leads our children to aspire not to have more, but to be more; children are taught about
God’s love; they learn about their Christian responsibilities; children are provided with
experiences of church, Catholic and Christian traditions, as well as being taught to be
respectful and understanding of people and traditions from other faith backgrounds.
Through Religious Education our children learn about their unique place within the
home, school and parish community.
Central to our ethos are the opportunities for prayer and worship which lie at the
heart of our faith. We will promote and encourage these at every level, together with
the skills and attitudes necessary to live out the Christian message in the modern

The last Supper

Can you be part of Jesus mission?

Welcome to the Church - gathering

Welcome to the Church

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Mark 10 13-16 Jesus loves us.

Year 6 attend Mass at Aylesford


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Researching our favourite Saints


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Peace be with you!

pathway to forgiveness

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Pathway to forgiveness

Deacon Kevin visits and tells us about St Augustine and the meaning of our badge

Trinity Sunday

Faith in action

Collective worship

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Mary the month of May

Cafod - social teaching Step up to the plate

Palm Sunday

The eyes of the world are on us Dear Prime Minister, Are you protecting our planet? The eyes of the world are watching you.

Look at the beautiful prayer cards we made in RE. Thank you God for being there at the beginning of each day.

Saying thank you to our Church helpers.

At our harvest Mass we received a pumpkin per class so we can write what we are thankful for.

Living Wage