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KCSP Statement of Curriculum Intent


I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full

John 10: Chapter 10. V 10.



KCSP Curriculum Intent for Primary Schools 2023

Curriculum Statement

Growing Together


In agreement with KCSP, at St Augustine’s we recognise the many gifts given to us all by God and so our responsibility and desire to afford every child a broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to enjoy a rich school experience.

Our aim is to inspire everyone in our school community to learn, to gain knowledge and understanding with skills that enrich their life now and in the future, to appreciate difference and celebrate diversity.

We believe that all of us learn best when we recall, relate to or take part in purposeful, interesting and exciting experiences which we can then use as a basis for exploring learning.  We want our children to enjoy learning; to be confident and independent, to build resilience and persistence, to be able to  transfer skills from one area of learning to another, to work both as part of a team and as an individual, to articulate and share ideas, thoughts and feelings which enable excellent well being and good mental and physical health, to be creative in whatever way they can, in and out of the classroom, and to be intellectually challenged and fulfilled.

We do this by valuing:

  • reading and writing with understanding and enjoyment,
  • understanding and manipulating number in context so we can reason and problem solve effectively.
  • enjoying investigations and experiments using scientific principles that show us how the world works
  • growing in our knowledge and understanding of God’s plan for us. Developing a good understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others in all our diverse richness
  • being IT literate and be able to communicate in a way which supports people living and working  in the 21st Century
  • learning as historians, geographers, artists, musicians, linguists and sportspeople
  • linking all these disciplines together to be creative, to develop and become the whole people God made us to be

Our curriculum is designed to link planning and assessment in a structured, manageable and useful way. This supports the children’s learning which is relevant to them and enables staff to assess progress, intervene appropriately and ensure a partnership with parents and carers by sharing information.

 Each year we choose a guiding idea linking many aspects of what we are learning for example ‘Flight’ and ‘Exploration’.  This  can be directly or indirectly linked to the planned learning and is designed to offer enrichment to all learning experiences.

Marking and assessment are designed to be purposeful, interactive and adaptable. This offers opportunities for feedback and improvement which is immediate and ensures progress for every child regardless of their starting point.

Staff have a clear understanding of the expected standards in all areas of the curriculum supported by an in-depth subject knowledge, sound pedagogy and frequent opportunities for moderation against internal, local, Trust wide and national expectations.


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