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8th March 2021


Dear Parent and Carers


We look forward to welcoming you back to school and I know you have already seen our parent leaflet. However, the  points below will further clarify things and  help you and your child to know what to expect  when you arrive  at school. It may be helpful to talk these arrangements through with your child before Monday.

  • School uniform should be worn but trainers are recommended rather than school shoes.
  • The children should bring a water bottle  and a warm coat.
  • The children should bring as few personal belongings with them as possible – preferably no bags and only a small, wipeable pencil case should they want one
  • No contact books or reading records will be necessary –  communication to and from the teacher and yourselves should be done via email please.
  • We expect that all the children will do their best to follow our social distancing and hygiene rules.  To help them we have put up lots of signs and will of course teach them what to do.
  • The appendix to  our usual Behaviour Policy continues to be in place and is also available on our website.  Please ensure you have discussed this with your child before you arrive on March 8th so we can help everyone to keep safe.
  • Lunches must be boked through Parent pay for any child who requires school lunch. Children may of course bring their own packed lunch if you prefer.
  • 'Bubbles' are now organised into the children's own class .
  • Adults will be available to direct you when you arrive on site and children should go to their own classroom via the outside one way system.
  •  There is no vehicle access at all as the driveway will be used by pedestrians.
  • There is a one way system of arrival down the school path, movement around the outside of the school to the outside classroom doors/ designated entrances.   You should drop your child and then carry on via the signposted one way system around the playground and  back up the school driveway.
  • Collection of your child should follow the same one way system and children should go straight home from their classroom maintaining social distancing at all times on the school site and up the school drive please.
  • All messages for the office should be done via email or telephone and, as always, you can contact the Academy Principal or myself via email.

I do hope this has been helpful and answered any questions you may have had.

We look forward to seeing you in school on Monday.

Kind regards


Annemarie Whittle

Executive Principal

We look forward to every one returning on the 8th March

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


As this is the official end of term I would like to thank you for all your support of your child’s home learning and for staying safely at home whenever it is possible.


As school is officially on holiday there will not be any new home learning posted until we ‘return’ on 16th April.  When we are back we hope to have our new ‘See Saw’ home learning system on line which will support the children with their learning even more effectively.  We will send an email with details about how to use this just before we return from the Easter break.


During the Easter holiday period school will be ‘partially open’ only for the children of critical workers when they are at work.  We will not be picking up any phone messages or answering emails sent to the Key Stage inboxes.


For emergencies we are monitoring the following  email boxes ,  or


May I wish you a blessed Easter and assure you of continued prayers for good health and well being.


With all best wishes


Annemarie Whittle

Executive Principal

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