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Our #rosaries arrived today from The Catenians. We had a beautiful prayer time with our rosaries.

A beautiful prayer time in the sun. Children have been bringing flowers and spending time praying the rosary. We are excited that soon we will be receiving rosary’s for each child to with.

We joined Archbishop John Wilson, and schools across the diocese, to pray the rosary. We have set up a beautiful prayer area so our families can pray before and after school.

Holy Week

Leading Sunday Mass

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Thank you to our children and families for helping lead Sunday Mass today... You had called us by our name, we belong to you.


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This week is Children’s mental health week and the theme is My voice matters. Today we talked about the things that mattered to us and wow I learnt a lot from these children - snuggles, bedtime stories, getting logs for the fire, planting bushes and so much more! Really insightful, taking the time to listen.

We were excited to read about an Art exhibition to depict multi-racial God though the Commision Newsletter. As a school with a wide range of diversity and  culture we decided this was something we would like to include in our lessons.

The art exhibition looks at depicting God and characters from the Bible through different cultural and racial lenses and be held in Manchester in April 2024. Our own art exhibition will be at school in our school hall!

‘It’s time to tell the Christian story in art through a more global perspective,’ said Fleur Dorrell, co-manager of the Made in God’s Image: Art Matters project.

We talked about God’s image and how we would like to represent that through art. All children in the school embarked on how they would like to show the image of God using their own cultural background and diversity. Some children decided that Jesus would be in the image of themselves and others wanted to represent Jesus though nature, animals and our world.


Feast of the Epiphany

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Reception, Year one and Year two performed the nativity this week and what a success it was! We sang, we dances, we spread Gods love all around.


Parish Mass

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A wonderful Mass this morning led by our children. The singing was beautiful. So lovely to see our children take active roles in the Parish. @kcsp_academies @rcaoseducation @CathEdService The peace of God we give you...

Year 5 and 6 had a lovely visit from Father Jake today to talk about his vocation.

Beginning of Year Mass

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Today at our Beginning of the Year Mass, we listened to this reading and reflected upon how we can show love to one another, support one another and be with one another now we are back in our new school year.

Catechism of the Catholic Church “God created the world to show forth and communicate his glory: that his creatures should share in his truth, goodness and beauty – this is the glory for which God created them.” (CCC319) “The Church is the people that God gathers in the whole world.” (CCC752)


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Laudato Si

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Spreading God’s word


Oscar Romero award.

Living Wage