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Mission Statement



God is the heart of our school

Respect ourselves, each other and the environment

Open our hearts and minds

Worship and wonder

Inspire each other

Nurture the best a person can be

Grow and learn together




Together we share a commitment to provide a learning community which:


Provides religious teaching and way of life rooted in the Catholic Faith; Makes prayer, worship and liturgy real educational experiences;

Nurtures and develops children so that they grow in the love and support of a Christian community;

Creates positive links between home, parish and school;

Enables children to develop the highest possible level of achievement; fulfilling their academic, moral, physical and spiritual potential;

Gives all children basic skills and knowledge in English and Maths so that they are well prepared for the next steps of their education; Provides a broad and balanced curriculum;

Helps children to develop positive relationships;

Encourages them to be well-mannered and show respect for each other;

Gives children the confidence in themselves and how to keep safe;

Allows children to grow in understanding and acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which prepare children for their future life and employment.




Our Ethos Statement


The school was founded by, and is part of, the Catholic Church. The school is to be conducted as a Catholic school in accordance with Canon Law, the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Trust Deed of the Archdiocese of Southwark. In particular:


Religious education is to be in accordance with the teachings, doctrines, discipline and general and particular norms of the Catholic Church.


Religious worship is to be in accordance with the rites, practices, discipline and liturgical norms of the Catholic Church.

KCSP shared vision and strategy

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