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Design and Technology

DT Statement of Intent

Year ½ Design and make a vehicle that moves

  • Talk about their design ideas and what they are making;
  • know about the movement of simple mechanisms
  • Select tools and equipment suitable to the task; explain their choices;
  • select some materials and components suitable to the task;
  • measure, mark out, cut and shape materials and components with some accuracy;
  • assemble, join and combine many materials with some accuracy;
  • apply some finishing techniques






Fabulous Cooking skills in year 5/6

We have made Shadufs

As part of our topic work on Ancient Egypt, the children in years 3 and 4 have been using their DT skills to design, make and evaluate shadufs.

To lift the water from the canal the ancient Egyptians used a shaduf.   A shaduf is a large pole balanced on a crossbeam, a rope and bucket on one end and a heavy counter weight at the other. By pulling the rope it lowered the bucket into the canal. The farmer then raised the bucket of water by pulling down on the weight. He then swung the pole around and emptied the bucket onto the field to irrigate the land.  They are still used today!

Viking Food and Drink

Healthy Eating project Spring 21

Year 1/2 Have Been Creating Models of London Landmarks in DT

We Have Been Building Bridges

Children in Y/6 have been learning about healthy eating and cooking. they were lucky to have a workshop from our catering company Chartwells.

The children learnt about healthy food options and then prepared a healthy dish themselves.

Healthy food workshop with Y5/6

Living Wage