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Tuesday 22nd March 2022

St James' C 0 - 4 St Augustine's


It was wonderful to see such smiles on the children faces. They had been waiting for a win for a few games and they truly deserved it. Goals from Oscar, Laura and Anais. 


St Augustine's 2 - 4 Langton Green


Another great game buy our remaining netballers. They applied all their skills from netball club, focusing on footwork and strong passes. A goal from Chibuike and another from Oscar kept the score at 4-2 to Langton Green. 

Wednesday 16th March 2022

St Augustine's 0 - 10 Bidborough 


Our first home netball match was exciting for our team, playing against Bidborough. After a long school trip, the children were a little tired but still worked as hard as they possibly could. We worked quarter by quarter and improved each time. The last quarter was only a 1-0 loss. 

Thursday 24th February 2022

St James' A 14 - 0 St Augustine's


be a difficult game but the children played exceptionally well! They have worked extremely hard on their footwork, marking and dodging while playing and this was particularly evident. Well done to everybody!


St James' B 10 - 0 St Augustine's


An additional friendly against St James’ gave all the netballers the opportunity to play an additional game. Again they showed off all the skills they have been working extrememly hard on and should be equally as proud.

Tuesday 25th January 2022

Claremont 12 - 2 St Augustine's


A last second change meant that we played our first match at a different school. The children were excited and ready to show all the skills they have been practising. Even with a loss, the children did not lose their spirit. There was fantastic passing, amazing interceptions and some great goals by Oscar and Anais!


Tuesday 16th November 2021

St Augustine's 1-6 St Matthew's

Southborough 7-2 St Augustine's


Our netball team visited Skinners Kent Academy to play two games of netball. Our first game against St Matthew’s ended in a loss but gave the team the motivation to keep trying in their game against Southborough. The children worked fantastically as a team and were winning 2-1 with fantastic goals from Bella and Anais right up until the last few minutes of the game. Unfortunately the score ended on 7-2 but the children are looking forward to their next netball games!

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