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Clever Fingers

Some children struggle to develop fine motor skills, and find everyday activities such as dressing, using a knife and fork, and scissors, as well as handwriting difficult.


Clever Fingers was created and designed to support schools in having a greater understanding of fine motor skills, and how poor motor development can impact on pupils' day-to-day schooling. St Augustine's school has several Clever Fingers Boxes – collections of specifically-selected activities designed to help pupils develop their fine motor skills in a fun and creative manner.   Our boxes contains a wide variety of fun, motivating activities that will intrigue and engage even the most reluctant of learners, and enable pupils to develop a range of fine motor skills that will support their academic leaning. Activities may include:- Finger Puppets, Tap Tap Art, Jacobs Ladder; Russian Doll; Posting Box; Mosaic Board & Pegs; Pick Up Sticks; Tongs & Beads and Modelling Clay with Activity Cards.


The programme is designed so that children do a different activity every day for 5-10 minutes repeating the activities on a weekly basis with the activities being changed every term.  It does not use specialist equipment and similar activities can also be easily be done at home.

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