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SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Growing Together at St Augustine’s


At St Augustine’s we recognise and value the unique contribution that every child is able to make to the life of the school. We are committed to caring for the ‘whole’ child and therefore we see their spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual development as having equal importance.


We aim to provide opportunities for all children to experience success, and it is with pride that we see the children of St Augustine’s respecting and encouraging each other’s best efforts, at all levels of attainment.


All the teaching staff are teachers of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Provision for children with any additional needs, including those with SEN and/or disabilities, is the responsibility of the school as a whole.


We aim to work together with parents, as a team, to provide the best possible education for all children within our care.


For details on SEN Policy please see below:

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