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Welcome to the PTA Section of our Website


Many schools have a PTA (Parents Teacher Association) or Friends of… Group. They are a great way of getting to know other families and staff whilst making a real contribution to the quality of school life for all.


Whilst fund-raising is a major part of a PTA's activities and directly contributes to the improvement of the school, there is a lot more to it than that. In a nutshell, PTA members also provide a willing workforce for the school when extra hands are needed, hold social events to bond the school community, run extra-curricular clubs for children and adults, and support parents through times of change. The varied work means there's something for everyone - it's not just about being on the committee.


Practical help is often needed, and your skills, or even just your presence, is very much appreciated. Children love seeing their parents in school. You can benefit them, improve their educational environment and make friends too. Here are just a few examples of how our parents get involved:


• Help out at the PTA events (such as film or quiz nights, bingo, fayres, school disco)
• Share their skills and interests – eg. creativity/ photography/sports dance;
• Here are some examples of the clubs that are currently run by parents - French club, Football club, Running club;
• Support children with reading;
• Accompany children on school trips;
• Work on ad hoc projects like garden work, maintenance, scooter rack installation, etc…
You can find out more about work of St. Augustine’s PTA from the weekly school bulletin, we have a column for the regular updates, as well as by contacting us directly on

Anna Ellis, Co-chair
Marcin Bialas, Co-chair

Please read the below letter regarding Match Funding and consider approaching your employer on our behalf. Thank you in advance.

PTA Committee (2017/2018)


Chair - Marcin Bialas

 Vice Chair - Anna Ellis

Treasurers -  Hayley Tomlinson and Monika Buchta

 Secretary - Louise Baughan

Communications Directors - Anna Fernandez and Melissa Staveley

 Drinks BuyerAnna Fernandez and Anna Ellis


The PTA put a great deal of time and effort into all they do for the school (for which we are extremely grateful), current members stress that they also gain a great deal of satisfaction from working together as a team. It is a wonderful way to meet other parents and make new friends!


If you are interested in joining the PTA or would like to get in touch with our current Chairs of the PTA please email:


Class Representatives (2017/2018)


St Rose - Siobhan (Tomas' mum)

St Helena - Charlotte (Bonnie's mum)

1/2 St Lucy - Lana (Isaac's mum)

1/2 St Bernadette - Helen (Delilah's mum) and Lara (Adam's mum)

1/2 St Theresa - Nicola (Lucya's mum)

3/4 St John - Louise (Rio's mum)

3/4 St Paul - Shona (Freya's mum) and Marimar (Rebecca's mum)

3/4 St Peter - Vittoria (Isla's mum) and Carmen (Sophie's mum)

5/6 St Patrick - Rosanna (Lauran's mum) and Florence (Soline's mum)

5/6 St Mark - Melissa (Harry's mum) and Alex (William's mum)

5/6 St Luke - Tracy (Lawrence's mum)