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St Augustine's Mathematics Calculation Policy


A policy for the Teaching of the Four Operations of number


Dear Parents,


Please find attached a copy of our new school Calculation Policy.  This policy has been agreed amongst the staff to ensure progression from year to year in our teaching of the four operations of number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and to promote consistency in teaching methods across the school.


Each of the four operations has been divided into year groups and includes examples of informal and formal written methods children may be taught. 


The Calculation Policy should also be a useful guide for you at home – it gives examples of how children are taught different methods and what is expected in each year group.  It should also help you to understand the methods that we are asking the children to use, as some techniques have changed since we were all at school!

It is crucial that children move through the various stages when learning each of the four operations and we ask that you do not teach your child methods from a higher year group unless advised by your child’s teacher.  If it is appropriate then staff will teach your children the next steps in school and will also provide extension activities in class.


Please take time to look through this Policy and to familiarise yourself with our strategies and do come and see us if you would like further explanation.


Thank you for your support

Please click on the following links for the external Virtual Learning Enviroment we use – MyMaths and ActiveLearn