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Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Years 5 and 6

PGL Diary day one: Hello from PGL Liddington!
We arrived safely at PGL around 1:15pm…. little smiley faces were pressed against the coach window, eagerly looking to see our home for the week. Lunch was eaten quickly and the first activity ‘the zip-wire' was met with much excitement; as many faced their first challenge of the week. 
Evening meal began promptly at 5:35; as always there was a huge array of yummyness on display. Plates were filled high and contents consumed quickly. 
The evening activity was ambush, glorious game of hid and seek in the dark.
Lights out at 9:45 let’s see how long it takes for the little ones to slowly drift off to sleep.
It’s wake up at 6:45am tomorrow, ready for a very action packed day.
PGL: day two
The first night was a success, only a few decided to stay up later than they should – we think just to check that the staff do actually, eventually get to bed themselves.
Children woke up to a pleasant warm day. The first PGL breakfast was a welcome sight and gobbled up rather quickly.
At 9 am the first  activities began, ranging from: Giant Swing , Problem Solving, Sensory Trails and Jacobs Ladder. 
Lunch time soon arrived and the children again devoured their food with great enthusiasm.
It was a quick military style line up for all the groups and then off to their next activity. 
The afternoon activities included: Archery and Crate Challenge which were met with much excitement.
The evening’s activity was Passport to the World, a game of quick feet and quick minds and of course the teachers won. 
At the end of another busy day It’s strong coffee and chocolates for the staff as they wait for the last few children to drift off to sleep…
Another early wake up (6:45) tomorrow, ready for a fay full of adventure. It’s also ‘Get Wet’ day tomorrow!
Liddington day three:
A peaceful night, the children fell sleep very quickly after an eventful day; they have been great.
At 6:45 sharp the bedroom doors were knocked on, lights were rudely turned on and tired little faces emerged from warm snuggly sleeping bags. 
Some of the activities today included: Climbing, Survivor, Crate Challenge and Raft Building which challenged even the most strongest of the group, as ropes had to be tied, logs and barrels needed to be dragged to the waters edge ready for castoff. 
The evening’s entertainment was a camp fire with marshmallows, it was a high pitched sing-a-long and a good old knees up…
An early night and lights out by 9:45pm. Here’s looking forward to another full on day of activities. Sequins at the ready for the disco tomorrow night.
PGL day four:
Loud snores were heard from the children last night, heads fell solidly onto pillows as it was another long and hectic day, full off adventure.
The children met all their activities with great enthusiasm and excitement. The activities on the agenda today were Vertical Challenge which pushed the children to their limit, as they had different types of obstacles to climb up. Sensory Trail and Abseiling  which again challenged the children. 
A quick whizz round the shop to buy the rarest of items, only to be found at PGL Liddington… the teachers have never seen 10 pounds spent so quickly!!
The long awaited Disco…. tea was gulped down quickly, as hair needed to be washed and professionally styled, gel and hairspray at the ready, neatly pressed clothes were carefully put on, It was swing those hips and wave those hands…. Disco divas were out on parade! Gold medal to Mrs Divall for having the best disco outfit!
It’s 10pm, children are tucked up in bed, eyes shut tight but feet still tapping away. Teachers too have danced their socks off and are sprawled out on the corridor floor with a nice cup of tea. 
Night, night, sleep well.
PGL day five:
Children woke up bleary eyed this morning with mixed emotions, so sad to leave PGL but so excited to go home!
The morning activities included Aeroball, Problem Solving, Orienteering  and Sports and Team Games. The children jumped in with huge enthusiasm, ready for their last PGL activities.
14:00, suitcases are now packed, group photos are being taken, PGL staff hugged and thanked for another fantastic year, memories of a lifetime made… all ready to go home.
All the members of staff here would like to thank all the children for such an amazing week, we are so proud of all of them!
We are all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight. See you at 17:00 at the Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre.
(Please arrive at 17:00, don’t wait for updates although we’ll do our best to keep you informed of any delays).
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