Full Governing Body Meetings
A Governing Body must hold at least three meetings per school year.  These meetings include reports from the Headteacher, from the various committees and on issues of importance/concern.  Minutes are produced and these are then approved at the next Full Governing Body meeting; they can then be published.
Headteachers Report
2015/2016 School Year
1st October 2015
FGB Report 
2014/2015 School Year
23rd September 2014
21st October 2014
Headteachers Report
9th December 2014
16th January 2015
Headteachers Report
23rd June 2015FGB ReportHeadteachers Report
16th July 2015FGB Report 
2013/2014 School Year
17th September 2013
11th December 2013
18th March 2014
21st May 2014
10th July 2014
Headteachers Report
2012/2013 School Year
10th July 2013
21st May 2013
19th March 2013
11th December 2012
10th September 2012
2011/2012 School Year
17th July 2012
29th May 2012
26th March 2012
1st November 2011